Running Off To Your Honeymoon: Have You Packed All Your Unconventional Essentials?

There is hardly any joy greater than getting whisked off to your honeymoon with your now-husband right after the reception. But as pretty as the sight seem, there is tons of preparation that goes into it. You may have gotten all your clothes hoe, sunglasses, maps and gadgets packed, but there are some unusual essentials that are often left behind.


This small guide will list three such essentials many couples forget and only remember as they near the airport in their wedding limo Houston or already checked in for their flight.

1.      Download


More of a virtual packing, before you leave for your honeymoon in one of our limo rentals Houston, ensure that you have got all your magazines books song, and movies packed and downloaded in your smart gadgets because as soon as you leave the country, you are going to complain about bad reception and nearly-dead internet.

2.      Pack Gadget Accessories First

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No matter how playful and loving you feel while in your Airport car service Houston, hell is going to break loose as soon as the innocent flirtations turn into a full mode fight when there is two of you and only one phone charger. Always pack your own gadget accessories as sharing an earphone might seem adorable only once and not throughout the long 18 hours flight.

3.      Prepare for the Worst


There is nothing worse than learning your luggage has been misplaced or deported back to your country. You may be surprised butt there are hundreds of passengers each day at the airport complaining about it. Prepare for such a scenario beforehand by carrying a hand-carry yourself. It should have at least a pair of clean clothes, undergarments, medications, toiletries etc.

Now that you know what to carry along, ensure you have them all before getting in your airport limousine Houston.

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