How Many Guests Will Come To Your Destination Wedding?

As much fun and exciting destination weddings can be, the truth is that not many of your guests will be able to attend it. We can totally understand that like every other bride, you too, would like to say your vows amongst your closest friend and family members, but expecting all of them to reply with a yes to your RSVP is only going to break your heart a little.


As we all know, prevention is better than cure. In this blog piece, we will hopefully try to prevent one such heartbreak days before your wedding day or when you are heading to the venue of your destination wedding in a limo rental Houston or party bus rental Houston.

How Many Guests Will Attend The Wedding?


When estimating how many people from your guests list will actually show up, we are almost sad to tell you that only 50% of them will attend it for sure. Although this is only a rough estimate, many event planners and bridal experts suggest the same. This means that if you invited 120 people to your wedding, 60 or less are going to actually make the trip.

What Should You Do?

Bride and groom in photobooth. Wedding.

Yes, we understand it is disheartening but there are ways you can ensure people do come.

Send your invitations early


The reason most of these guest won’t be able to attend the wedding is because they were informed too late. If you send out the wedding invitations just weeks before the wedding, it is going to be difficult for the guests to actually make the cut and arrange for a budget.

Arrange for them a suitable wedding transportation


Getting married in a different state? How about you make your wedding an on-the-road journey? Most of your guests will make the trip if they know they won’t have to bear the travel expenses. Tell them you have arranged for party bus rental Houston or limo rental Houston and they will gladly come.


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