Is He The One For You?


You are sitting in your wedding limo Houston, on your way to the church and still in doubt whether you have made the right decision or not. Is he really the guy who you would want to spend the rest of your life with? Were you too quick to say yes? Are his anger issues just increasing despite him seeing a therapist? All these are the questions that should be on your mind as you are dressed in your wedding gown and waiting to get out of wedding limo Houston with your party bus rental Houston full of cheering guests behind.

If you think these are slightly serious than pre-wedding jitters, you still have some to rethink your stance. You shouldn’t be having all such feeling and if after several deliberate attempts to ward off your mind off somewhere else, they still prevail, we know what you need! A quick checklist to determine if he really is worth marrying or not.


  • He is hardly ever available to talk
  • He may say it often but you don’t feel like his top priority in life
  • You only said yes because you had been friends for many years and he always had a liking for you.
  • There are countless things that irritate you about him and he is showing no efforts to stop doing them.
  • you can’t seem to always them him completely
  • He isn’t the first person you want around when in need of some comfort.
  • He has a list of personal issues to deal with
  • You can’t imagine him in the fatherly role
  • He fears negotiation
  • you don’t respect him the same ways your other married friend respect their husbands
  • He doesn’t like being questioned and is often very opinioned


All humans have flaws but if you checked half of these boxes with a tick, maybe you are rushing into marriage too soon. It’s still not too late as you haven’t stepped out of your wedding limo Houston. You can always ask the driver to turn around or stop nearby a cafe so that you can have a clear mind as to what to do!


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