How to Make an Impression on a Long-Distance Partner

long-distanceHaving a long distance relationship is not as easy as it seems. Sure, the internet has made it quite easier for many to maintain healthy communication and checking in with each other when they are sick or are just missing each other. However, this still doesn’t fill that gap of a physical presence that is essential for a healthy relationship.

Get Ready to Welcome Them with Open Arms


Most couples in a long distance relationship think that it is crucial to meet up after a few months to renew that spark of love, passion and attraction and to have some quality time with one another. If you are one of those couples who are preparing to welcome their significant other, preparing for their arrival is a delicate stage. You want to make them feel welcomed but not embarrass them with your over-enthusiasm. The best way to do so is to book a car service to IAH. A car service to IAH will allow you to ride with your SO to town in style and that will give you the perfect opportunity to get over your hesitation.

A Perfect Romantic Start


A little champagne and some flowers from your side; this will be a perfect start for a romantic weekend that you have got planned. If you were thinking of going for the traditional flowers and chocolate and such kinds of things, then let us tell you that these things has been done too many times and he/she may be very well expecting that, to be honest.

Be Mysterious


Do something that they will never expect and maintain a sense of mystery and have them looking forward to the time they are going to spend with you. Surprising them is the only thing that will make them yearning for more and will keep them coming back for more weekends like these. So, what are you waiting for? Choose an IAH car service and welcome the love of your life in style.


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